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1. Good and Bad at Games

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Good and Bad at Games

Good and Bad at Games is a UK television drama that was one of the first programmes broadcast on Channel 4 Television in 1983. The screenplay was written by William Boyd and the lead roles of Cox, Mount and Niles were played by Anton Lesser, Dominic Jephcott and Martyn Stanbridge. A young Rupert Graves also appears briefly as Guthrie. The film was directed by Jack Gold and produced by Victor Glynn. The story, told partly in flashback to 1968, concerns a clique of English public schoolboys who bully and humiliate an unpopular younger pupil who is 'bad at games'. Ten years later Cox uses the dim-witted and weak-willed Niles, who is only included in the clique because he is 'good at games', to find out more about the lead persecutor, in order to exact revenge.