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1. How to Make a URL SEO Friendly if WordPress URLs Return a 404 Error After Automated Migration

  • Duration: 64
  • Channel: tech
How to Make a URL SEO Friendly if WordPress URLs Return a 404 Error After Automated Migration

You have your current site migrated to WordPress with the help of CMS2CMS service, but found "Make URLs SEO-friendly" option inactive. In case URLs on your WordPress website return 404 error - this issue is probably connected to the SEO URLs settings on your new WordPress website. So we are about to find the solution for this problem. For more detail visit our websites: Our social networks: Original source:

2. How to use google webmaster tools to improve SEO | Empower seo

  • Duration: 70
  • Channel: tech
How to use google webmaster tools to improve SEO | Empower seo

How to use google webmaster tools to improve SEO | ways to Empower SEO Google search console is a no charge web services by google for webmaster. It is used to allow webmaster to check indexing status and optimize the visibility of their websites. In 20 may 2015, Google rebranded google webmaster tool as google search consol.The list of inbound links on google web master is more larger than the list of inbound link that can be discovered by using the search query on google itself. Do you having any issues regarding how to us webmaster tools to improve SEO? If yes then just follow the below descriptions about your problem , How to empower seo. Below are some mentioned guide lines about google webmater tools- 1. HTML Improvement- Under search appearance, you will find out the html improvements. Provide the screenshot in this slides. 2. Content keyword- This tool allows you to determine not what you think your site is about, but how google sees it. 3. Structured data- It is helpful way to explain the content of your website on search engine. 4. Data marker helper-Allow you to tag the data fields for event, products. Your mouse highlights are tags each piece of your data key on the appropriate page of your website. 5. Sitemap- Another great feature of sitemap is the test option; you provide the URL of a sitemap, and Google scans it, quickly detecting any errors that need to be fixed. 6. Removing urls- if you want to remove your website url , google search console provide these features. Google search console gives you secure search, privacy and online safety. If you are having any safety issues and abuse problems with any of google’s service. We would like to hear about it right away. Ways of services that we provide direct calling, google G suit support, using the help forum. We provide 24*7 services to our user for giving solution to users. You can also take help from these issues- what is google webmaster tool benefits of google webmaster tools what order represents the structure of leveraging branding what is google analytics in seo google webmaster tools can help you with how many use of google webmaster google webmaster tools inbound links how to use google webmaster tools with wordpress

3. 6- Extract Wordpress Files

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6- Extract Wordpress Files

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